Policies & Terms of Service


This document is published in accordance with the provisions of Rule 3(1) of the Information Technology (Intermediaries Guidelines) Rules, 2011 which require the publishing of the rules and regulations governing the use and access of www.juggleit.in.

The domain name www.Juggleit.in (hereinafter referred to as "Website") is owned by Gridnomics Technology Services Private Limited with its registered office at 650, #6, 6th Cross, Reliable Residency, Haralur, HSR Layout, Sector – 2, Bangalore 560 102, India (hereinafter referred to as "Juggleit.in").

This Agreement describes the Policies & Terms of Service applicable to your use of the website www.juggleit.in (hereinafter, "Juggleit.in", or "we" or "our" or "us"), it allows individuals (hereinafter collectively known as "Lenders") to list their products that are available on rental basis and other individuals (hereinafter collectively known as "Lenders") to find these products and borrow them on a rental basis.

Your use of the Website and services and tools are governed by the following Policies & Terms of Service ("Terms of Use") as applicable to the Website including the applicable policies which are incorporated herein by way of reference. If You transact on the Website, You shall be subject to the policies that are applicable to the website for such transactions. By mere use of the website, You are deemed to have read and agreed to these Terms of Use which, including the other Policies, constitute Your binding obligations with Juggleit.in

For the purpose of these Terms of Use, wherever the context so requires "You" or "User" shall mean any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a Lender or Borrower on the Website by providing Registration Data while registering on the website as Registered User.

As a User, your access to and use of the website and/or the services are conditional upon your acceptance of and continuous compliance with these Policies & Terms of Service at all times and all applicable Policies. There is an explicit understanding that these Policies & Terms of Service and all the other Policies shall be adhered to by you. By accessing, browsing and/or using the website and/or availing any of the services, you agree to be bound by these Policies & Terms of Service, the cancellation policy governing cancellation of an order for any Product placed by you ("Cancellation Policy"), the return policy governing the return of any Product rented to you ("Return Policy"), the privacy policy governing your access to the website ("Privacy Policy"), other guidelines, policies, Policies & Terms of Service applicable to the website and/or services being provided by the website owner (collectively as "Policies"), as may be modified by the website owner from time to time at its own discretion, which shall be deemed to be incorporated in these Policies & Terms of Service by reference, unconditionally at all times. Further, by accessing, browsing and/or using the website and/or availing any of the services, you explicitly agree to receive communications, in written and/or verbal form, from the website owner or its authorized representatives with regard to any matter relating to the website, products and the services.

The website owner shall have the sole right to change, modify, add or remove these Policies & Terms of Service or any or all of its Policies relating to the provisions of services and access to the website, at any time without any prior written notice or intimation to you. It is hereby clarified that each User shall be responsible for reviewing the Policies & Terms of Service and other Policies on the website periodically and keep themselves updated.


The Services on the website either by registration or by any other means, are only available to persons , who are 18 years of age and above and persons who can enter into a legally binding contract under the Indian Contract Act, 1872 and or are not barred by any law for the time being in force. Any person who shall be considered as incompetent to contract as per the provisions of the Contract Act including minors, un-discharged insolvents etc. are not eligible to use the Site ("User"). If you access Juggleit.in, either by registration on the Site or by any other means, not as an individual but on behalf of a legal entity, you represent that you are fully authorized to do so and the listing, posting or information placed on the site on behalf of the legal entity is your responsibility and you agree to be accountable for the same to other users of the website. As a minor, if you wish to use or transact on website, such use or transaction may be made by your legal guardian or parents on the website. Juggleit.in reserves the right to terminate your membership and / or refuse to provide you with access to the website if it is brought to Juggleit.in’s notice or if it is discovered that you don't meet the eligibility.


Under no circumstances shall Juggleit.in be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or exemplary damages resulting from your use of the website or the services, or resulting from any rental transaction, including, but not limited to, damages or injury resulting from a rented product or non-returned product, damages which arise from use or misuse of the website, from inability to use the website, or the interruption, suspension, modification, alteration, or termination of the website. Such limitation shall also apply with respect to damages incurred by reason of other services or products received through or advertised in connection with the website or the service or any links on the website. These limitations shall apply to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Juggleit.in does not make any representation or warranty as to specifics (such as quality, value, rentability, saleability, etc.) of the products or services proposed to be rented on the website. Juggleit.in does not implicitly or explicitly support or endorse the rent of any products or services on the website. Juggleit.in accepts no liability for any errors or omissions, whether on behalf of itself or third parties.

Juggleit.in makes no representation or warranty as to the credentials (such as legal title, creditworthiness, identity, etc) of any of its Users. You are advised to independently verify the bona fides of any particular user that you choose to transact with on the website and use Your best judgment in that regard.

You release and indemnify Juggleit.in and/or any of its officers and representatives from any cost, damage, liability or other consequence of any of the actions of the users of the website and specifically and explicitly waive any claims that you may have in this behalf under any applicable law. Notwithstanding its reasonable efforts in that behalf, Juggleit.in cannot take responsibility or control the information provided by other users which is made available on the website. You may find other User's information to be offensive, harmful, inconsistent, inaccurate, or deceptive. Please use caution and practice safe trading when using the website. Please note that there could be risks in dealing with underage persons or people acting under false pretense.

You agree that Juggleit.in is not responsible or liable for any loss suffered due to damage caused to the product or reduction of value of the product in any way. You hereby agree and confirm that the sole and exclusive responsibility and obligation of the website owner is to ensure that the services are being provided in compliance of all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

You hereby acknowledge that under any unlikely and rare event, the website owner's aggregate liability with respect to the services and/or the website shall be limited to and not exceed, in any event, the sum equivalent to the rental amount, as the case maybe, of your single, most recent transaction and shall be as per these Policies & Terms of Service.


  1. As a user you undertake and agree that your use of the website shall be strictly governed by the following binding sub-clauses; you acknowledge and agree to not:
    • host, display, upload, modify, publish, transmit, update or share any content including any information, image or graphics that belongs to another person and to which a user does not have any right to.
    • host any content which is harmful, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, blasphemous, pedophilic, libelous, hateful, or racially biased, ethnically objectionable, disparaging, relating or encouraging money laundering or gambling, invasive of another person's privacy, or otherwise unlawful in any manner whatever or unlawfully threatening or unlawfully harassing including but not limited to "indecent representation of women" within the meaning of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986;
    • is misleading in any way;
    • promotes an illegal or unauthorized copy of another person's copyrighted work (such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, providing information to circumvent manufacture-installed copy-protect devices, or providing pirated music or links to pirated music files);
    • contains restricted or password-only access pages, or hidden pages or images (those not linked to or from another accessible page);
    • provides material that exploits people in a sexual, violent or otherwise inappropriate manner or solicits personal information from anyone;
    • provides instructional information about illegal activities such as making or buying illegal weapons, violating someone's privacy, or providing or creating computer viruses;
    • promotes a particular political party or cause which is inappropriate in the opinion of Juggleit.in;
    • contains video, photographs, or images of another person (with a minor or an adult).
    • tries to gain unauthorized access or exceeds the scope of authorized access to the website or to profiles, blogs, communities, account information, bulletins, friend request, or other areas of the website or solicits passwords or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other users;
    • engages in commercial activities and/or sales without our prior written consent such as contests, sweepstakes, barter, advertising and pyramid schemes, or the buying or selling of "virtual" products related to the website.
    • interferes with another user’s use and enjoyment of the website or any other individual's use and enjoyment of similar services;
    • refers to any website or URL that, in our sole discretion, contains material that is inappropriate for the website, contains content that would be prohibited or violates the letter or spirit of these Terms of Use.
    • harms minors in any way;
    • solicits gambling or engages in any gambling activity which we, in our sole discretion, believe is or could be construed as being illegal;
    • infringes any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights or third party trade secrets or rights of publicity or privacy;
    • is fraudulent or involves the sale of counterfeit or stolen products;
    • deceives or misleads the addressee/ users about the origin of such messages or communicates any information which is grossly offensive or menacing in nature;
    • impersonates another person or entity;
    • contains software viruses or any other computer code, including but not limited to, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer resource; or contains any trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, easter eggs or other computer programming routines that may damage, detrimentally interfere with, diminish value of, surreptitiously intercept or expropriate any system, data or personal information;
    • threatens the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of India, or public order or causes incitement to the commission of any cognizable offence or prevents or impedes investigation of any offence or is insulting to any other nation.
    • You agree that Juggleit.in has full and unrestricted authority to determine whether a given entry, product, post or message falls within the purview of the restrictions outlined in the above clause, and to take necessary action in that regard.
  2. If You use the website, you shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your display/user name and password and you shall be responsible for all activities that occur under your display/user name and password. You agree that if you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete or we have reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or not in accordance with this Terms of Use, we shall have the right to indefinitely suspend or terminate or block access of your membership on the website and refuse to provide you with access to the website without any prior notice.
  3. You shall not make any negative, denigrating or defamatory statement(s) or comment(s) about Us or the brand name or company name or domain name used by Us including but not limited, the terms Juggleit.in, Juggleit, Gridnomics, Gridnomics Technology Services Private Limited or otherwise engage in any conduct or action that might tarnish the image or reputation, of Juggleit.in or otherwise tarnish or dilute any of Juggleit.in 's trade or service marks, trade name and/or goodwill associated with such trade or service marks or trade name as may be owned or used by Us.
  4. You may not use the Website or any content for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms of Use, or to solicit the performance of any illegal activity or other activity which infringes the rights of Juggleit.in and/or others.
  5. You agree that you shall, at all times, comply with the requirements of the Information Technology Act, 2000 ("IT Act") as also rules, regulations, guidelines, bye laws and notifications made there under while assessing the website content or submitting to the website owner or uploading on the website any user content. You further unequivocally declare that in case of any violation of any provisions of the IT Act and/or rules, regulations, guidelines, byelaws and notifications made there under, you shall be solely responsible, at your sole cost and expenses for all acts, deeds and things and that you alone shall be liable for civil and criminal liability there under or under any other law for the time being in force. You shall not engage in any transactions, which is prohibited by the provisions of any applicable law including exchange control laws or regulations for the time being in force.
  6. Solely to enable us to use the information which you provide us with appropriately, so that we are not violating any rights you might have in your information, You agree to grant Us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise the copyright, publicity, database rights or any other rights you have in your information, in any media now known or not currently known, with respect to Your information. We will only use Your information in accordance with the Terms of Use and other Policies which applicable to use of the website.
  7. From time to time, You shall be responsible for providing information relating to the products or services proposed to be rented or borrowed by you. In this connection, You undertake that all such information shall be accurate in all respects. You shall not exaggerate or over emphasize the attributes of such products or services so as to mislead other Users in any manner.


It is hereby clarified that the Services provided to you may involve references to or links of any third-party or its products, services or other content ("Third-Party Content"). You acknowledge that the website owner is not liable for any such Third-Party Content as may be displayed on the website or that you may be re-directed to while accessing the website and/or availing the services. The Third-Party content displayed on the website or re-directed to by the website does not suggest that the website owner has endorsed such Third-Party Content or the provider of the Third-Party Content. It is clarified that the website owner shall not be liable for any privacy practices of a third-party providing such Third-Party Content. You agree not to copy, modify, or distribute such content (other than Your Information), Juggleit.in’s copyrights or trademarks. When You give us any content as part of Your information, you are granting us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable right and license to use, reproduce, transfer, publish, translate, distribute, perform, amend and display such content (in whole or part) worldwide through the website as well as on any of our affiliates or partner’s websites, publications and mobile platform at the discretion of the website owner.

You agree that in the event your listing, posting or your information violates any provision of this Terms of Use, Juggleit.in shall have the right to terminate and or suspend your membership of the website or refuse to provide you or any person acting on your behalf, access to the website. Juggleit.in shall have the right to remove or edit any content that in its sole discretion violates, or is alleged to violate, any applicable law or either the spirit or letter of these Terms of Use. Notwithstanding this right, You remain solely responsible for the content of the materials you post on the website and in your private messages. Please be advised that such Content posted does not necessarily reflect Juggleit.in views. In no event shall Juggleit.in assume or have any responsibility or liability for any content posted or for any claims, damages or losses resulting from use of content and/or appearance of content on the website.

You hereby explicitly agree and accept that the website owner may use the user content for any purpose as it may think fit, including but not limited to promotion, marketing, and advertisement of the services and/or the website without your consent and without any payment by the website owner in relation to such use of the user content. It is clarified that you are responsible to ensure that the user content submitted or uploaded by you is in consonance with these Policies & Terms of Service. It is further clarified that the website owner shall not be liable for any disclosure, use, modification or transfer of the user content.

You hereby represent and warrant that You have all necessary rights in and to all content which you provide and all information it contains and that such content shall not infringe any proprietary or other rights of third parties or contain any libelous, tortious, or otherwise unlawful information. You hereby agree not to hold Juggleit.in or any of its officers, employees, agents responsible or accountable for any of your listing, postings or information and nor shall we, our officers, employees or agents be liable for any misuse, illegal activity or third party content as most postings, listings or information are generated by various users directly and we do not have any role in the creation, publication or distribution of the posting, listing or information.


  1. It is clarified that the borrower shall pay "rental fee" as specified on the website for every booking placed by such borrower along with applicable security deposit, delivery Charges as may be displayed on the website for each of the products along with Platform commission and taxes that the User is required to pay under the applicable law from time to time (collectively "Total Fee"). The Security Deposit shall be refunded to the User upon return of the Products ordered after making such deductions as maybe applicable in accordance with these Policies & Terms of Service, the Cancellation Return and Refund Policy
  2. Transactions, Transaction Price and all commercial terms such as Delivery, Dispatch of products and/or services are as per principal contractual obligations between the Lender and Borrower and payment facility is merely used by the Lender and Borrower to facilitate the completion of the Transaction. Use of the payment facility shall not render Juggleit.in liable or responsible for the non-delivery, non-receipt, non-payment, damage, breach of representations and warranties or any fraud as regards to the products and /or services listed on Juggleit.in 's website.
  3. You have specifically authorized Juggleit.in or its service providers to collect, process, facilitate and remit payments and / or the Transaction Price electronically or through Cash on Delivery to and from other Users in respect of transactions through Payment Facility. Your relationship with Juggleit.in is on a principal to principal basis and by accepting these Terms of Use, you agree that Juggleit.in is an independent contractor for all purposes, and does not assume control of or liability for the products or services that are listed on Juggleit.in's website that are paid for by using the Payment Facility. Juggleit.in does not guarantee the identity of any user nor does it ensure that a Lender or Borrower will complete a transaction.
  4. You understand, accept and agree that the payment facility provided by Juggleit.in is neither a banking nor financial service but is merely a facilitator providing an electronic, automated online electronic payment, receiving payment through Cash On Delivery, collection and remittance facility for the transactions on the Juggleit.in's website using the existing authorized banking infrastructure and credit card payment gateway networks. Further, by providing Payment Facility, Juggleit.in is neither acting as a trustee nor acting in a fiduciary capacity with respect to the transaction or the transaction Price.
  5. You hereby understand, accept and agree that Juggleit.in has the obligation to pay the money collected under the payment facility within 15 days from the date on which the money becomes payable to you, in accordance with the terms of the transaction you have with the other User.


As a Borrower, you are responsible for returning any product you borrow from a lender in the condition it was before you took possession of the same. You acknowledge and agree that, as a Borrower, you are responsible for your own acts and omissions and are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any individuals who you invite to, or otherwise provide access to the borrowed product. Under no circumstances will Juggleit.in be liable to a lender or borrower for damage to the lender's product.

You agree to indemnify and hold Juggleit.in, its officers, subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, assigns, directors, officers, agents, service providers, suppliers and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, made by any third party due to or arising out of content submitted by the User, User’s use of the service, violation of the Terms of Use, breach by the user of any of the representations and warranties herein, or the user’s violation of any rights of any other party.


These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of India. The Courts in Bangalore, Karnataka shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of the Terms of Use.


Unless otherwise specified, the material on the website is presented solely for the purpose of rent in India. Juggleit.in makes no representation that materials in the website are appropriate or available for use in other locations/countries other than India. Those who choose to access the website from other locations/countries other than India do so on their own risk and Juggleit.in is not responsible for renting of products or refund for the products booked from other locations/countries other than India, compliance with local laws, if and to the extent local laws are applicable


The Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Delivery policy, Cancellation, Return and Refund policy and the Disclaimer policy constitute the entire agreement with respect to the use of the services provided by Juggleit.in. If any provision of these Policies & Terms of Service is unlawful, void or unenforceable then that provision shall be deemed severable from the remaining provisions and shall not affect their validity and enforceability.


This site is controlled and operated by Juggleit.in and products are listed for renting purpose y respective Owners also called Lenders. All materials on this site, including images, illustrations, audio clips and video clips are protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights. Materials on website is solely for Your personal, non-commercial use.


Juggleit.in prohibits the use of language that offending, hateful, racist, sexual or obscene in nature on the website. This policy extends to text, image, videos etc within listings, on lender or borrower pages and all other areas of the site that another User may view. If the profane words are part of the product title or description, users are requested to 'blur' out the bulk of the offending word with asterisks (i.e., s*** or b***h).


In addition to this Terms of Use, You must also agree to be bound by the provisions of all of our policies and the Terms of Use should be read in consonance with all our policies listed under "Policies" in order to have the right to use the website.

The website owner may assign, in whole or in part, the benefits or obligations of these Terms of Use and any/all the Policies to its associates or affiliates or other group company or any other company, in circumstances, including but not limited to pursuant to a restructuring or re-organization or demerger of its organization or operations causing a change in management or something of the nature. The website owner shall not require your approval or consent for an assignment of the benefits or obligations under these Terms of Use or any other policy in relation to the services and/or the website. It will be at the discretion of the website owner to decide if you should be intimated of such assignment. However, you shall not assign, in whole or in part, the benefits or obligations of these Terms of Use and our other policies, listed under "Policies" in relation to the services and/or the website, without the prior written permission of the website owner.

These Terms of Use and Policies may be varied, amended or modified by the website owner at any time and at its sole discretion without any intimation to you. The last amended version shall be available on the website at all times. It is clarified that you shall be responsible for reviewing the Policies on the website periodically and keep yourself updated.

It is clarified that if you do not agree to the applicability of any of the Policies & Terms of Service and the Policies contained herein, including the Privacy Policy, Shipping and Delivery Policy, Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy and Disclaimer Policy on the website, then the only remedy you shall have will be to not use the services and discontinue using your account created on the website. However, till such time that you use the website and avail the services it shall be deemed that you agree to and shall continue to adhere and abide by the Policies & Terms of Service and all the Policies.