A responsible Lender will always:

  • Be prompt in accepting incoming booking request and also in replying to any questions from the Borrowers.
  • Avoid rejecting booking request unless unavoidable situations.
  • Ensure that the product is made inactive if unavailable for renting for a specific period.
  • Provide accurate and complete information about the product mentioning the name, model number, description, color and all related details.
  • Upload pictures showing the exact condition of the product.
  • Not hide and be upfront about any damages or scratches that product might have.
  • Provide links on How To Use the product.
  • List all the do's and don't related to the product.
  • Share the best practices on the usage of the product.
  • Provide fair pricing for renting the products.
  • Not complain on very minor wear and tear which is a part of the game.
  • Review and rate the borrower after every rental transaction.