Harley-Davidson Street 750

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Rent Harley-Davidson Street 750
Rent Harley-Davidson Street 750

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Harley-Davidson Street 750 - 750 cc, 47 bhp, 6 speed transmission. Equipped with pillion backrest.


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Store Pickup
Timings 10:00:00 am to 22:30:00 pm

Rental rates

3800 / day
19990 / week
59900 / month
418000 This amount will be recovered from you incase the product is lost or is returned in an irrepairable condition


1) No restriction in distance or kilometers per day. You are free to ride as much or as little as you please for the duration of your booking. 2) If required, upto two helmets will be provided at no additional cost. 3) Area of use - All India. No restriction area-wise. Funveyance is a licensed operator and our vehicles can be used any where in India. Additionally two-wheelers are not required to pay any entry fees when crossing state borders. 4) Documents provided - Vehicle will be provided with copies of the following documents: RC, Road Tax Receipt, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Permit and our Two-Wheeler rental service provider license.


Fuel is not included. Bike will be provided with full tank of fuel and must be returned with a full tank. That way you only pay for the fuel that you use.


Penalties and fines 1) Overspeeding penalty - Vehicle is equipped with GPS tracking whereby speed and location will be monitored. Safe speed limit for this vehicle is set at 140 km/h. At the end of your ride you will be provided with a detailed speed report. Penalty for speeding above 140 km/h will be **Rs. 500/- per alert**. 2) Returning bike without full tank of fuel - Penalty of Rs. 1000/-. 3) Loss of helmet(s) - Penalty of Rs. 2000/- per helmet. 4) Late return - Bike must be returned by or before booking end time. Grace period of 30 minutes will be provided beyond which a penalty of Rs. 1000/- applies. All penalties are to be settled at the time of returning the vehicle at our location. Any fines for traffic or parking violations that occur during your booking will be charged to you on or after the day we receive the notice from the relevant authorities. We will provide the details along with scanned copies of the ticket(s) and corresponding GPS location report to your email ID. We request your cooperation in recovering the applicable charges.
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